Getting started

Welcome to the Modding documentation for Bus Simulator 21

Get the Modding Kit

The modkit can be downloaded via the Epic Launcher. The download contains the engine which is needed to create the mods as well as example files which should help you with creating your mod. Once downloaded you can open the mod editor by opening the BusSimulator21.uproject you can find in the Games\ModKit\ folder. Opening the engine for the first time will take several minutes depending on your hardware. Unreal will compile shaders and cache assets during this. The engine will start faster on the second open.

Mod Kit Configuration

To cook mods and automatically move them to the game folder we need to do a bit of configuration. Search for the Config Data asset in Content/ModTool/Config

  • Game Install Dir: set this to the local installation directory of the game. This needs to be set up so we can directly copy your mod to your install folder to make ingame testing easier.

    • The easiest way to figure out, if you are not sure where your installation folder is on steam. Is to open the Bussimulator 21 game properties and browse to the install folder

Setup a mod

How to setup a mod in the Engine

Publish a mod

How to publish a mod via

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