Prepare your mod for expects a zip file to be uploaded the zip needs to have a specific folder structure. You can automatically create the required zip by pressing the build zip button in the ModInfo data asset of your mod after cooking it.

This will gather all the required files and package them into a .zip using the provided 7zip executables in the mod kit.

The mod kit will automatically open the parent folder of the packaged build, once the zip creation is completed. Use this zip file in the next steps.

Add a new mod on

Got to the page for Bus Simulator 21. Log in with your account and click on the big plus to add a new mod.



basic mod data

On the profile page you can setup all the data and texts shown to players.

Mod name, Summary and Preview Image are required fields, you need to set the before you can continue.

Make sure to tag your mod appropriately.





preview image and tags








The media tab allows you to add additional images and videos showcasing your mod.



file upload

The files tab is where you can upload your mod zip:

  1. Select your mod file from your hard disk and click upload.

  2. We recommend that you add a version tag and a changelog for later reference and so you know what changed in this version

  3. Accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and click add file.


The team tab lets you add collaborators to your mod. Depending on permissions they will be able to update your mod or mod page.

Update your mod

To update your mod

  1. go to the page of your mod and click the pencil next to the description bar.

    change mod by clicking the pencil in the mod
  2. Switch to the file tab and navigate to the upload file section.

  3. Select your new file, set version and changelog and upload it.

  4. make sure that your newest file is the “Primary Release“, only the file marked as primary release will be downloaded by users

    Mark the wanted upload as primary release