Create Wrap or Ad

Bus wraps and ads have to follow the following criteria:


Standard Bus Layout
  • The Texture needs to be a 24- or 32-bit .tga texture on a scale of Power of 2 (1024x1024 2048x2048, 4096x4096 etc.)

  • The Texture needs to follow a set UV layout that is largely the same for most Buses. The Reference images can be downloaded for testing.

  • The "Driver Side" is layed out upside down to facilitate a seamless blend between the driver side, the top and the door side. (see sample below for reference)

  • Not all busses are able to use the area seamlessly, so take into account that there may be some cutoffs on some buses.

  • Bendy Buses use the exact same layout and thus may have overlapping parts, in such cases a second texture should be provided for both parts to avoid this sort of duplication.




Double Decker Layout
  • The Texture supports Alpha Masking to make the bus Wrap see through in some areas and opaque in others

    • However, it is recommended to avoid gradients and half tones and instead use full tones and dithering to achieve transition effect.


Resolution and Cropping

  • Due to the way the UVs are layouted the Front and rear may have a slightly higher spatial resolution than the sides

  • Details towards the bottom of the two side areas may be cut off, to compensate for stretching that would otherwise occur. (see sample below for reference)



Sample Layout