Unreal Mod Setup

Each mod is setup as a plugin in unreal, this allows a strict separation of different mods and allows for a better overview.

Open "Plugins" window

To create a new plugin in Unreal start the Unreal Engine and open the Plugins window.

How to open the plugins window

Create a new plugin

In the plugins window press the “New Plugin” button in the bottom right of the screen.

Create a "Content Only" plugin

Select the “Content only” preset, give your bus mod a name and click “Create Plugin”.

Plugin creation Window

We use the following naming convention for plugins:

MAP_MapName for maps

BUS_BusBrand_ModelName for buses

MISSION_MissionName for missions

CUSTOM_CustomizationName for bus customizations

Check if the plugin was created

After this you should be able to see your new plugin in the content browser

If you don’t see it, you might need to enable plugins in the View Options of the Content Browser