Bus Stops

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Bus Stop Group Setup

The definitions of which stops are available in your map mod are stored in the Bus stop group table. To create a new one for your mod select Miscellaneous->Data Table and then select BusstopGroupTableRow as Row Type.


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Setup the data table

Each entry in the data table represents on bus stop group. A bus stop group can contain one or more stops on the map. E.g. if a road has 2 bus stops in opposite directions they will share the same bus stop group. Or if you have a central station with 4+ stops they will share the same bus stop group too.

  • Readable Name: This is the name shown to the player when they hover a stop or add it to a route

  • District: District the stop is in, will be use to calculate district levels and give users more info. You can add new sub-tags to the district tags to extend them to your liking

  • Base Route Limit: How many routes are supported at bus stop level 1,

  • Start Level: Level of the stop when players start a new game

  • Max Level: Maximal level a stop can reach

  • Demand: Demand of the stop

  • Peak Time: Used in route planning to balance routes

  • Is Sink: Used in route planning to balance routes, you need to balance sinks and sources in a route.

  • Bendy Bus Accessible: is the stop accessible by

  • Combine on Map: combine the bus stop representations on the map. Very useful if stops are very close to each other and makes it easier to click the stops.

  • Announcement Sound: The sound file that is played before a bus reaches a stop

Bus Stop BP in the scene

There are 2 bus stop blueprints that are presetup and ready to use in your map, Busstop_BP and BusstopUSSmall_BP. When you place them in the scene they will automatically connect to the street they are placed on, but we still need to tell the game which stop the newly placed is.

Check the Busstop section in the Details window.

  • Busstop Group

    • Handle

      • Data Table: Set this to the bus stop group table you previously created

      • Row Name: once the data table is set select the bus stop group you want to assign to this stop

  • Platform Id: Each bus stop in a bus stop group needs to have a unique platform id so that they can be differentiated in route creation. E.g. if bus stop group “Main Street“ has 2 stops associated to it, on stop needs to have PlatformId 0 and the other PlatformId 1

  • Is Its Own Opposite Platform: Only taken into account for ping pong routes.

    • If this is true, ping pong routes will stop again at this stop on the return trip.

    • If this is false, ping pong routes will try to stop at a stop with the same bus stop group set, but a different platform id. If no suitable stop can be found it will be skipped on the return trip.