Export and testing ingame

Mod info

Before exporting your mod make sure to setup all the necessary information in the ModInfo

  • Name: Set the entry name to the name of the root level of your mod. This is used to load the correct level ingame

  • Display Name: This is the name shown when you create a new savegame with your map

  • Description: This is the Box text of your map

  • Map Selection Image: This is the background image in the map selection

  • Map Selection Flag Image: This is the flag shown in the top left in the map selection

Exporting and adding to the game

The mod info has several functions in the Tools section.

First we need to cook our mod. This exports all game files to a format that is readable by the game.

After the cooking is done, use the “Copy to game directory“ button to put the file in the correct folders. Once they are there you should be able to create a new savegame with your map.