Shop Video

Whenever you select a bus you can see a short looping preview of the selected bus. You can put whatever video you want there, but we use simple turntable videos of the bus for our own buses. These turntables can be created ingame and then captured and edited with your favorite capture and video editing software. We limited or videos to 480p 16:9 (854x480 pixel) to keep the video file size small.

Review Scene

The Mod Kit contains a scene called BusReviewMap. If you start it you will be asked for a bus to spawn. Enter the name you gave your bus in the Mod Info. After you click “Show Bus” it will load your bus and you will see it in a grey void. By pressing Space you can switch between the different view modes to inspect your bus. Choose the Turntable View for a camera that slowly orbits your bus. Pressing “H“ will hide all UI and if you enter the cheat “DisableAllOnscreenMessages“ in the f5 console will hide any debug text on screen. Capture at least 1 full camera rotation and then cut the video into a loop and export it as mp4.

Distribute the Video

Videos are not automatically packaged when the mod is cooked by unreal. You will need to follow some additional steps to be able to distribute the video.

Where to put the video

Browse to your Modkit install folder and add a folder called “AdditionalFiles“ to your plugins folder (Installfolder\BusSimulator21\Games\Mod\Plugins\YourMod), next to the “Content” and “Resources” folder. Add your .mp4 video to this folder.

Unreal Setup

Add a File Media Source to your plugin. Reference this file in the “Preview Movie” section of the Mod Info Data asset.

Open the File Media Source Asset, we will need to set the file path here so the game can find our intro video.

File paths should be set relative to the “AdditionalFiles” folder and start with ./ . Example: simply type ./MyMovieFile.mp4 for a movie placed directly in the folder.


Next Step

Export and Test Ingame