Initial creation

Similarily to Bus Simulator 18, our license plates are widget blueprints containing images, spacers and textboxes.

Custom widgets can be used as long as some criteria is met.

To create new license plate, you have to create a new Blueprint class with LicensePlateWidgetBase_BP as the base.

License Plate BP creation

It is important that the parent class is set correctly as previously mentioned. To check that, simply have a look at top right corner of the editor.

Once created, you are presented with full widget editor. The currently used size for plate is 520x110 pixels, however different scales and sizes are possible. For example our Japan plate is higher and shorter.

Here in order to have editable license plate, you need to use “TextBox” components. Additionally you can use spacers in between or static text widgets. Using additional images is also possible. Wrapping whole license plate into Size Box is also neccessary for proper rendering of the license plate. Example of our hiearchy can be found below:

License plate widget hiearchy

All Textboxes and Size box need to be variables. You can do that by ticking “Is Variable” checkbox in the top right of the designer:


Step 2: