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Decals use atlasing, meaning there can be more than one decal on one texture and the game will only display the selected decal when needed.


  • The texture needs to be Power of 2 (1024x1024 2048x2048, 4096x4096 etc.)

  • The texture needs to be black and white with alpha to allow for recoloring, all black parts will be colored in one user selected color and all white parts will be colored in the other one. Grayscale colors will work too, but they will cause the user selected colors to be mixed, which might be unwanted. Consider using dithering if you want to create a gradient.

  • Keep all decal motives at least one pixel of the texture border. If the motive touches the border it will leave artifacts if the decal is rotated on the bus.

  • Keep all decal motives inside a circle inscribed in the texture area. Some parts of your decal could be cut off, if the player rotates it, if they are outside of the circle.

  • You can put multiple decals on one texture atlas. They need to be spaced uniformly.

  • align your decals row vise from top left to bottom right.

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